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What is Arc Flash?

Hosted by
Jeff Mackinnon
April 25th | 1:00 pm ADT | Show in my timezone

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Topics we cover

Definition of Arc Flash

Arc flash is different from just an arc.

Identify Electrical Hazards

There are 3, do you know what they are?

Why knowing about arc flash is important

How does it affect your training and safety program


About Jeff

Jeff owns and operates JMK Engineering Inc.

Jeff has 15 years experience as an electrical engineer working on projects around the world. He firs became aware of Arc Flash and electrical safety during a co-op placement where be did his first model development in ETAP in 2004. It wasn't until 2005 that he realized the severiorty that is arc flash and started reading as much as he could.

14 years later Jeff is still completing arc flash analysis reports, electrical safety program audits and now presenting webinars and developing courses to get more information about electrical safety, arc flash and electrical shock in particular into the world.

April 25th
1:00 pm ADT